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Now about AR….

And by AR I mean Action Replay.

Now about it, I recently got into a discussion with some friends over the topic of AR use in Pokemon games. One side was very anti-AR “It’s cheating, hacks will screw up your game!” While the other side didn’t see the harm in it.

Now, allow me to clarify; using AR or hacked pokemon will not murder your game, the only downside is being unable to use them on the GTS (which doesn’t matter since the GTS is just absolute garbage). Maybe if you use a sketchy code or put it in wrong yeah you may get a bad egg, but that’s about it, and even then such things can easily be rectified. I myself have never had a problem. Ever. Not with breeding nor with using, and I have run my share of tests.

Frankly, I am fine with the use of AR, though I don’t use it until AFTER I beat the game and got all the badges and what not. I can’t make it to cross-country pokemon events to get special things nor do I always have the friends with the pokemon I like in order to trade. I try not to use it to catch things I know can be obtained through the game or Dream World though, and find it more fulfilling to get the things I like on my own.

Admittedly, the only thing I really go all AR on are EV levels and items (because sometimes I really can’t be bothered to grind away on a pokemon I’m not exactly fond of just so I can get it’s evolution into my pokedex).

No one has a right to condemn you for how you choose to play YOUR game that you spent YOUR money on. If you like the old fashioned way, then more power to ya’! But if you want to speed up the process and find the favored pokemon you’re hunting for, there’s no harm in it.
And for those people whining “IT’S CHEATING!!” Dude. It’s not a contest. It’s just a game. Everyone should be familiar with hacks by now. I mean, if someone is waving around a shiny Victini, it’s not going to be impressive since we all know how they got it, so relax. No one thinks the dude with a Box full of Lv. 100 shiny legendaries is better than you, we all know the drill by now.

Anyhow….that’s pretty much the extent for this mini rant. Thanks for reading!